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City Media has been providing innovative IT solutions since 2008, building a strong reputation for reliability, flexibility and affordability. Our commitment to evolving our bespoke solutions to mirror constant change in the IT sector enables you and your business to upgrade your system with complete confidence that you will be in sync with the latest innovation. Here are key benefits you enjoy by working with the best:

  • We specialise in cutting edge software development, cost effective system upgrades and app development that empowers businesses to meet and exceed their goals.
  • Our talented team are highly qualified software developers who channel their expertise into creating quality bespoke IT solutions for you and your business.
  • We have established a stellar reputation as specialist software developers, working seamlessly across the entire spectrum of program languages.
  • Continuously keeping pace with the permanent flux of the IT sector, City Media updates your bespoke software and app development to enable you and your business to stay ahead of the pack.
  • Our expert team channel their skills and in-depth know-how into creating combined IT solutions across multiple types of hardware, software, platforms and devices.
  • We combine specialist software and app development techniques with exceptional project management skills to deliver cutting edge IT solutions on time and within budget.


  • Our specialist team are experts in software development and design. We deliver innovative IT solutions using the latest software and cutting edge technology to enable you and your business to excel in constantly evolving and competitive markets. City Media understands that you do not wish to just move with the crowd, but stand out from it. Constantly with our finger on the pulse of the IT sector, City Media creates custom software packages that are up-to-date, user friendly and cost effective. Simply share your software development requirements and our highly qualified team will meet them.

  • We realise that a business needs to maintain a high quality online and mobile presence in the modern marketplace. Our team also understands how empowering business tool apps can be. Specialising in custom app development for iOS and Android, City Media has the experience and technical ingenuity to ensure you and your business make a star turn across multiple screens. A stellar app developed by our team using cutting edge software and technology is a fantastic way to delight your existing brand fan base and stimulate business growth by engaging new customers. Have City Media strengthen your brand across multiple platforms and devices.

  • We all need a helping hand sometimes and City Media are pleased to provide it. If you require some expert advice and support for your IT systems or would like to create an IT strategy involving our bespoke software and app development services, then simply make an enquiry and we will quickly respond. Our highly skilled and experienced consultants will work with you to achieve rapid results, tailoring IT solutions to meet your specific needs. We pride ourselves on sharing our in-depth knowledge with clients to help them and their business to be everything it desires to be and more.

  • Few sectors move and evolve at the speed of the IT sector. Fortunately for our clients, we constantly keep pace with software and app innovation so that we can help you upgrade to keep ahead of the competition. In the 10 years that our software development team have been working, they have witnessed incredible change and have adapted their techniques and practices to stay at the forefront of IT innovation. We can assess your business and technology needs and deliver cutting edge IT solutions that are tailored, affordable and user friendly. Call us today on 0333 577 2222 for a free quote or click the contact us button to send us an email and receive a quick response within 24 hours.

  • City Media are proud to provide excellent customer service. From initial contact through project delivery to continued IT advice and guidance, we continually astonish our clients with our rapid, focused and friendly support. Our commitment to providing IT solutions and support to our clients that enables them to overcome the business challenges they face is the bedrock of our stellar reputation for matchless customer service. We invest time and effort into helping you realise your current and future business goals.

  • Does your company want to rise up the competition by harnessing the power of the cloud? The expert team at City Media are highly skilled and experienced at working with business to use the cloud platform to its full potential. We have 5 years of in-depth knowledge and experience at developing bespoke IT solutions that integrate cloud platforms. Our specialists will assess your business and technology needs and create a custom cloud solution that is secure and cost effective. City Media will also provide cloud management and maintenance support.

  • City Media believes IT should enable cost effective business and technology solutions. . Because our team of developers combine vast technical expertise with exceptional project management skills, we are able to deliver cost effective IT solutions that are on time and within budget. We provide clients with bespoke software development across the entire spectrum of program languages and platforms including PHP 5, ASP, .NET, JSP, J2EE, Java, Voice XML, XML-HTTP Messaging and AJAX technologies with MYSQL, Oracle and MS ACCESS as database.

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